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Guide to The Inversion Method for Hair Growth

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Most of us have experienced frustration with our lack of hair growth and many will no doubt have resorted to Google to search ‘how to grow your hair naturally in a week‘ or ‘how to get your hair to grow’. When all you’re wishing for is long hair, you’ll be ready to try just about anything – even hanging your head upside down for 4 minutes! Meet the inversion method, the new trend to promote hair growth 

The Inversion Method: What Is it?

The inversion method is a new phenomenon that people are using to try and make their hair grow faster. The average hair growth rate is only a modest half an inch a month. With the inversion method rumoured to grow hair up to 2 inches, it’s not surprising that this new trend is attracting people’s attention to promote hair growth. 

How Does the Inversion Method for Hair Growth Work?

The inversion method requires you to hang your head upside down, causing the blood flow in your body to be reversed. Thanks to gravity, this allows your hair follicles to receive an influx of fresh blood flow and a rush of extra blood cells. The simple science behind the inversion method for hair growth is to increase blood circulation to the hair follicles on your scalp to help promote hair growth. 

How to Use the Inversion Method for Hair Growth

Below we outline the steps you should follow to perform the inversion method. A scalp or head massage using oil is usually recommended before completing the inversion method. 

Step 1 – Scalp Massage

The use of oil in this step is optional, but research has proven that essential oils promote hair growth, so it’s definitely worth adding.  

First, use a scalp massage to stimulate the hair follicles:  

  1. Apply 3-5 drops of essential oil to your hair, concentrating on the scalp. 
  2. Comb the oil through your hair, applying it all the way to your ends.  
  3. Using your fingertips, gently massage your scalp for 4-5 minutes, switching between clockwise and anticlockwise circular motions.  

Step 2 – Head Inversion

Second, boost blood flow to the scalp by hanging your head upside down: 

  1. Put your head in an upside-down position that you find comfortable. For example, hanging your head off a bed or sitting on a chair with your head between your knees.  (If you’re a little more adventurous, you can try this method by holding a head or shoulder stand).  
  2. Flip all your hair over so that it’s also hanging upside down. 
  3. Remember, whatever position you choose to use, you’ll need to hold for 4 minutes! 
  4. After 4 minutes, slowly return to your usual position to avoid dizziness or head rush.  
  5. If possible, wait 2-3 hours before washing your hair to allow optimum oil absorption into your hair follicles.   
  6. Repeat the inversion method every day for a week once every month.  

Does the Inversion Method Work?

There aren’t research studies to prove the effectiveness of the inversion method for hair growth, and there isn’t scientific proof backing this method to promote hair growth. However, some studies highlight the crucial role of blood flow in encouraging hair growth, meaning that this method isn’t totally ridiculous or without merit.  

It’s thought that the inversion method combined with a scalp massage with oil will be the most likely to promote hair growth. Studies have shown that both scalp massages and essential oils may stimulate hair growth.  

The jury is still out on how effective the inversion method is for hair growth. Still, many people have claimed to have seen remarkable hair growth trialling this method, so there’s no harm in giving it a try.  

Is the Inversion Method for Hair Growth Safe?

As long as your health permits, there are no safety risks in trying the inversion method for hair growth. However, you must stop immediately if you experience any discomfort or dizziness when giving the inversion method a try. You should only perform this technique for one week a month.  

The inversion method is not recommended for those who are pregnant or have: 

  • Back or neck problems 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Glaucoma 
  • Hypertension  
  • Migraines 
  • Heart disease 
  • Vertigo or dizziness 

Other Ways to Promote Hair Growth

If you aren’t sold by the inversion method for hair growth or are looking for something to try alongside the inversion method to help promote hair growth, have a look at some of the Watermans hair care products that support strong, healthy hair growth.  

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Read more to find out further information about how to promote hair growth and how to get healthier, thicker hair. 

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