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The Best Haircare Products for Afro Hair

The Best Haircare Products for Afro Hair

While each head of hair is unique, there are three categories hair can fall into: Caucasian, Asian and Afro. Your hair category can determine density, speed of growth, shape, and the products you should use. Its important to understand how Afro hair idifferent to other types and learn what the best Afro hair products are for optimal care. 

Characteristics oAfro Hair

Upwards Growth

Afro hair is unique in the way it grows and looks. Growing almost parallel to the scalp, Afro hair can come in tight curls, spirals, coils, loops, or zig zags. These tightly curled strands can easily grow upwards to create an Afro shape, which other hair types cant do. 

High Density

Afro hair also has a much higher density than other hair types. This means it has the slowest growth rate, averaging just 0.9 centimetres per month. However, when Afro hair does grow, the spiral structure causes the curl to grow upon itself, creating kinks that make it more prone to breakage. 

Multiple Hair Types

Did you know that most of us have more than one hair type? The edges may be a 4b while the body is a 4a. Or, you could have a mix of 4a and 3c. To maintain your unique hair type, its important to use products specifically designed for Afro hair. 

How to Care for Afro Hair

Unless properly treated, Afro hair can be very prone to dryness, breakage and scalp problemsas the tight coils prevent natural oils from travelling down from the scalp to the ends. Its important to use the best hair products for Afro hair for extra TLC. 

1. Cleanse and Condition

A good cleansing and conditioning routine is essential for Afro hair. Using both a shampoo and conditioner for Afro hair regularly will keep tresses clean and healthy. 

As hair growth starts in the follicle, keeping the scalp clean is essential when caring for Afro hair. If follicles are blocked, it’s much harder for new hair to come through.  

Shampoo for Afro hair

Our sulphatefree Grow Me Shampoo helps to keep curly Afro hair clean without stripping away its natural oils. Designed to feed the follicle with the best nutrientsit helps to strengthen afro textured hair, promote growth and increase hair density. Expect hair to look thicker, longer and stronger with continued use. 

Conditioner for Afro hair

The best Afro hair conditioner is one that strengthens and nourishes. Our Condition Me Conditioner blends natural proteins with our hair boosting formula to promote healthy growth. Apply to the lengths and ends to strengthen the shaft, minimise breakage and nourish damage. 

Watermans Tip: Our products are also ideal for keeping the littles one’s hair healthy and clean. 

2. Moisturise

As Afro hair is prone to dryness, applying a weekly moisturising hair mask is key to preventing breakage.  

When hair is clean, apply our Masque Me Hair Mask from roots to tips. Boasting a unique regenerating formula, this intensive mask is ideal for Afro hair. It melts into the hair shaft and enriches locks with moisture, repairing damage and nourishing dryness. 

Watermans Tip: Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It can help hydrate hair from the inside out! 

3. Care for Your Scalp

A healthy scalp equals healthy hair – and while regularly cleansing Afro hair with shampoo can have a positive impact, it’s important to give your scalp some extra attention. 

Our concentrated hair boosting Grow More Elixir is a direct-to-scalp treatment and an excellent product to pair our Grow Me shampoo with. It’s designed to help accelerate growth and strengthen hair. 

4. Comb from the Bottom Up

Here at Watermans, we strongly advise using a wide-tooth comb that is gentle on your curls and doesn’t agitate their natural Afro shape. Starting at the bottom of your hair, gently detangle each knot until smooth. 

If you notice an increased number of knots, regular visits to a hair stylist will help keep split ends at bay and prevent hair from becoming tangled. 

Take care of your Afro hair and shop our full Afro Hair Products. 



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